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His Choice of a Wife Book Birthday Interview

Happy book birthday to His Choice of a Wife! This is the first novel I ever wrote and it turns three-years old this month! His Choice of a Wife turns 3 years old this month!

I wanted to interview one of the main characters to tell you a little about the story, but it didn’t go as planned. Mr. Darcy wasn't available for some reason?? So, I’m sharing an interview with Colonel Fitzwilliam. He’s a lively character in His Choice of a Wife. He’s loyal and—unlike his reserved cousin—the colonel had no problem interrupting His Choice of a Wife at the 3/4 mark to sit down with a gossip columnist to chat.

An Interview with Colonel Fitzwilliam

This morning I had an appointment in Berkeley Square at the home of Mr. Darcy to speak about his engagement to Miss Elizabeth Bennet on behalf of the loyal readers of the “Mirror of Fashion” society column of the Morning Post. I was shown to the drawing room and, to my great surprise, was greeted not by that gentleman, but by his cousin. When I asked where was Mr. Darcy, he said:

Colonel Fitzwilliam: Darcy left London on Monday for Bath. He asked me to meet with you and answer any questions you have.

Author: That was kind of him, but I hoped—

CF: Truth be told, Darcy told me to cancel this appointment and not engage in what he called “a frivolous waste of the valuable time of any man with good sense.” No offense, madam. Fortunately for your readers, I had nothing else to do this morning and decided to meet with you anyway.

Author: I assure you that knowing about Miss Elizabeth Bennet is not frivolous! Mr. Darcy is rumored to be engaged to a Hertfordshire woman of no fortune and no consequence. Our readers wish to know the circumstances of how such a wealthy, well-connected young man—

CF: Why does no one ever want to read about me?

Author: I beg your pardon?

CF: Darcy is not an impressive bachelor. He cannot flirt worth a damn, and he would spend more on his library than gifts for a woman. I have more charm in my thumb than Darcy has in all of his acres in Derbyshire. Did you know that I am the younger son of an earl? A colonel in the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards. I am posted at Windsor! Write that down.

Author: That is impressive, Colonel, but our readers prefer to know about Mr. Darcy.

CF: *he heaved a sigh* They always do. Very well, let us get on with it.

Author: Thank you. By most accounts, Mr. Darcy is happily engaged, but to a poor and unconnected woman. Do you approve of his choice?

CF: Certainly. It was not immediately clear to me that he admired her—he was often silent in her presence—but his sister mentioned that Darcy had written about Elizabeth Bennet many times since last autumn. Then it all made sense: putting off our departure from Rosings, calling on her in London, following her into Hertfordshire. I told him to make a choice that would make him happy rather than please his family. Write down that were I to be engaged, I would lavish my betrothed with gifts? It is spelled F-I-T-Z—

Author: Yes, sir. If most of his friends and relations support him, save for Lady Catherine, and he is happy in his choice of a wife, why has Mr Darcy suddenly gone to Bath?

CF: *he paled and inspected his watch chain*

Author: Colonel Fitzwilliam? Why did Mr. Darcy come to London, and then hurry away to Bath when he ought to be in Hertfordshire awaiting his wedding day?

CF: This is why Darcy said tolerating this interview would be an insult to his self-respect. There was…an incident with his betrothed’s family, one that cannot be hushed up…

Author: Then you might as well tell me so I can share the truth.

CF: Oh no! It is a terrible scandal, but you shall not hear about it from me.

Author: Does Mr. Darcy hope he can lessen his betrothed’s attachment by distance and convince Miss Bennet to give him up?

CF: What? Does that sound like Fitzwilliam Darcy! A gentleman with his integrity and sense of honor?

Author: He is known to take great pride in his reputation. His attachment might not be strong enough to survive whatever this scandal is. Would you tell our readers what happened with Miss Bennet’s family? Did a sister elope?

CF: If only that were all! If that was the matter, Darcy’s money and his influence might remedy the evil. No, this is far worse and nothing can be done.

Author: If nothing can be done, then what does Mr Darcy hope to accomplish in Bath?

CF: *he paced with hands clasped behind his back* I know not why he insisted on going. Duty, honor, perhaps a misplaced sense of guilt? It was so important to him that he do all that he could, foolish errand that it was. He was determined to try.

Author: Try what, Colonel Fitzwilliam?

CF: Nothing! Nothing at all. I must draw this interview to a close. I promised to join Darcy in Bath, but if I leave now I might perhaps arrive on Thursday evening.

Author: You would go to Bath? But, why? You implied that Mr Darcy was wasting his time on whatever this endeavor is.

CF: I promised I would join him to share the burden of an unpleasant task. Although I doubt anything can be done, it matters deeply to Darcy that he try. He is a loyal man, a determined man. This is important to him, and he is important to me, so I have to go. Do not print that! I must leave at once.

Author: But I have learnt nothing about Mr. Darcy!

CF: What is there to know? He is wealthy, intelligent, proud with a reason to be, in love with a witty and pretty woman, and now he is alone on a fool’s errand in Bath. Oh, and his favorite color is green. Good day!

For those of you who have read the book, I hope this made you laugh. For those of you who haven't read His Choice of a Wife, I hope this piqued your interest!

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Jul 11, 2022

Brilliant! I loved the book too!

Heather Moll
Heather Moll
Jul 11, 2022
Replying to

Time flies! Thanks for reading it 😊


Daniela Quadros
Daniela Quadros
Jul 10, 2022

LOL!!! That was so funny! Typical Colonel, saying more than he should! 😂

Congratulations on the 3 year anniversary of your first novel, Heather! It is such a wonderful and emotional book! The first of many! 🥰

Heather Moll
Heather Moll
Jul 10, 2022
Replying to

The colonel’s heart is in the right place, even if he says too much! Thank you Daniela for being my cheerleader since the early days 🥰

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