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Free Short Stories

available by Excessively Diverted Press
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You'll also get my Pride and Prejudice meet cute The Wedding Guest.
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This Persuasion short story imagines what might have happened if Captain Wentworth fell on the Cobb instead of Louisa.

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Revisit Darcy and Elizabeth's happy ever after three years and eleven years after the events of An Affectionate Heart.
Nine Ladies Epilogue Cover.png
Enjoy these deleted scenes from the ending of Nine Ladies. 

Before Elizabeth and Darcy’s wedding, Mr. Bennet tries to rile up Darcy for his own amusement. It turns out that Mr. Bennet knows more about what happens in his household than he lets on.


Twenty-five years after the events of Pride and Prejudice, an aging George Wickham meets a stranger in a coaching inn.

TMDAN epilogue.jpg

After the events of Two More Days at Netherfield, learn how Georgiana has recovered, how the new Mrs Darcy is thriving, and what ever happened to Mr Wickham.

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