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Rising Courage

An insulting proposal. A band of criminals. Can they fight off their kidnappers and find their way to happily ever after?

Elizabeth Bennet is seething. Firmly refusing an offer of marriage from the man who ruined her beloved sister’s chance at happiness, the spirited young lady goes walking to clear her head. But her anger changes to fear when three strange men who believe she’s Anne de Bourgh throw her unceremoniously into a carriage and drive off.

Fitzwilliam Darcy regrets his offensive proposal. But when he chases down the object of his affection to set the story straight, he is horrified to witness her kidnapping. And after his gallant rescue endeavor merely gets him captured too, he worries revealing her true identity could get them both killed.

Bristling at her forced proximity to her spurned suitor, Elizabeth is pleasantly surprised at how well they work together. But even as they disagree on whether or not to risk an escape, Darcy suspects their survival may not lead to him winning her heart.

Can they fix their cascade of misundersta
ndings to find happily ever after?

Content note: contains mild violence

Loving Miss Tilney

She’s forbidden to wed a nobody. He’s nothing in society’s eyes. Will their desperate schemes backfire before they find a way to be together?

Northanger Abbey. Eleanor Tilney can’t bear her lonely life any longer. Distraught when her tyrannical father throws her friend out of the house because the girl lacks an inheritance, the long-suffering general’s daughter decides anything is better than a future all alone. So in a frantic bid for freedom, she puts aside her tender feelings for a man of no standing to pursue a wealthy husband.


Philip Brampton understands that fortune is against him. And he tries gallantly to bury his distress and support his lonely beloved, even after she starts pursuing an arrogant buffoon. But when he catches the fellow about to kiss her, their resulting harsh words cause a heartbreaking rift.


Stiffening her spine in a world that refuses to acknowledge her value, Eleanor attempts to navigate the impossible situation without quashing her desires. And though his shy nature abhors a scene, Philip braces himself for a confrontation with her cruel and abusive patriarch.


Do these childhood sweethearts have any hope of achieving lasting happiness?

Heather Moll’s writing really brings the Regency world to life.  I have enjoyed her novels in the past. I really liked that this book was a Northanger Abbey variation. I have always wondered about what happened to poor Eleanor and this book gives the reader the details. 

Laura's Reviews 5 stars

"Moll was able to transmit to the reader the lack of independence and difficulties women had in regency times in a very vivid manner, she definitely masters the art of showing not telling and I appreciate that. [...] 
Loving Miss Tilney is an angsty regency romance that will enchant readers. It is very well written, engaging and presents itself as the perfect Saturday afternoon read. I recommend it to readers who enjoy regency romances."

From Pemberley to Milton 4.5 stars

One of Jane Austen's most intriguing and worthy secret heroines steps onto center stage. [Loving Miss Tilney is] a sympathetic exploration of a dependent woman's limited liberties, challenging choices, and enduring strength.

Austenesque Reviews 4.5 stars

Affectionate Heart cover.JPG
Are love and affection enough to overcome the pain of grief and anger?


In the spring of 1812, Elizabeth Bennet and Lydia are the only Bennet daughters still unmarried after the death of their father. Elizabeth’s health and spirits worsen as she moves among relations as an unwanted, dependent sister. She returns to Mary and Mr Collins at Longbourn to learn that the neighbourhood gossip centres on the reclusive Mr Darcy.


Darcy and his sister live an isolated life in a small rented lodge near Netherfield after the events at Ramsgate. As Georgiana’s health is failing, Darcy has his own regrets to bear. He tries to keep them secluded, but a young woman arrives who is determined to befriend his lonely, ill sister.


When Elizabeth receives disastrous news, she makes a daring plan to find happiness for herself while she still can. Misunderstandings and secrets abound for them both but in the end, Darcy and Elizabeth will find greater strength together than they ever had apart.

This variation blends Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with elements of Montgomery’s The Blue Castle.


Content note: discussion of a secondary character’s miscarriage, secondary character death


IPPY bronze medal winner for romance 2023


Austenesque Reviews Favorite Read 2022

Austenesque Reviews Reader’s Choice Winner 2022

"This story is exquisite in every way, but especially the depth of feeling and romance."


A From Pemberley to Milton Favorite Read of 2022

"The slowly built power of each scene and dialogue, along with the heartfelt moments lived by every character made this a memorable book!"

"An Affectionate Heart is an exquisite and heart-wrenching Pride and Prejudice variation filled with inventive deviations and emotional depth. Readers who love sensitive and stirring tales about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth will find much to adore and appreciate with this one! I most enthusiastically recommend!"

Meredith Esparza Austenesque Reviews 5 stars

An Affectionate Heart is a powerful, intense, and well written book that is not easily forgotten. The reader is transported into the story and cannot help to feel the raw emotions that the characters are feeling. It has character development, depth, and it is a tale that approaches the many different shapes of love, grief, hope and respect. I highly recommend this book to all readers and consider it a must read for austenesque fans.

Rita Deodato From Pemberley to Milton 5 stars

Can a Derbyshire meeting lead to love or will Pemberley be plunged into mystery?


In the rainy summer of 1812, Mr Darcy returns to Pemberley with a large party in the hope that coming home will help him recover from his disappointment. He lost Elizabeth Bennet’s good opinion, but Darcy did all he could to rectify his errors. Meanwhile, Elizabeth hopes that travelling with a newly-wed Jane and Bingley will raise her spirits and distract her from thoughts of Darcy.


When a misunderstanding causes the Bingley party and Darcy’s to spend a fortnight together at Pemberley, both Elizabeth and Darcy wonder if the other could love them. When the season’s wet and cold weather causes flooding throughout Derbyshire, Darcy’s attention reluctantly shifts from his guests–and Elizabeth–to managing the tragedy.


But when someone drowns and Darcy refuses to believe their death was an accident from the storm, he and Elizabeth must work together to uncover the truth before his houseguests leave, and before anyone else gets hurt.


Content note: mild violence

If you loved Pride and Prejudice, this is a must-read! With romance, drama, and a murder mystery, there is something for everyone. Moll explores another side, a kinder side, to the closed-off Mr. Darcy so get ready to have your heart warmed!

Sadiyah Bhamjee for Readers’ Favorite 5 stars


Imaginative, exhilarating, and stirring – An Appearance of Goodness is an inspiring Pride and Prejudice tale that has our beloved characters weathering brutal storms yet learning to navigate through the adversity and traverse any challenges in their path. Heather is a skilled storyteller and her understanding and admiration of Jane Austen’s characters shines through on every page. I highly recommend!

Austenesque Reviews 4.5/5

How can Darcy and Elizabeth overcome 200 years of differences in this era-spanning love story?

The Darcy family has grudgingly kept the secret about the power contained within a nearby stone circle called Nine Ladies. Fitzwilliam Darcy is forced to contend with this secret when a young woman from the future appears at Pemberley. Until the opinionated stranger can return to when she belongs, Darcy is responsible not only for her safety, but also for ensuring that nothing she does threatens Pemberley’s well-being.

Elizabeth Bennet has returned to England to take care of her estranged father, and her life was off track long before she walked into that stone circle at sunset. She quickly discovers that, as a poor and single woman, she’ll have to rely on the arrogant Mr. Darcy. She tries her best to survive in the nineteenth-century until she can return home but, as she and Darcy grow closer, the truth she knows about his and Pemberley’s bleak future becomes harder to keep.

Will their love prove timeless as centuries and cultures collide in this time travel Pride and Prejudice variation?


An Austenesque Reviews favorite read of 2021!

"(The) execution of this romantic time travel adventure was brilliant."

"Ingenious, astute, and intentional - Nine Ladies by Heather Moll is simply a brilliant and beautifully-crafted work of Austenesque fiction! I highly recommend this story to any reader who wants to have their share of a romantic time-travel adventure with Mr. Darcy!"

5 out of 5 stars Austenesque Reviews

"Nine Ladies is an epic adventure that readers will hardly forget. It is not the typical time travel story, and you will understand why once you've read it, but it is certainly one of the most compelling books of the genre I have read."

4.5/5 stars From Pemberley to Milton

"Nine Ladies is the ultimate wish-fulfillment for Jane Austen fans and one of the best Austenesque novels I have read in quite some time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 5 out of 5 Stars"


Mr. Darcy's Valentine

Will an exchange of secret valentines lead to love?

After her aunt notices her partiality for Mr Wickham, Elizabeth Bennet is invited to town for the winter along with her sister Jane, and February in London gives Elizabeth the chance to become better acquainted with the Gardiners’ young and single friend.

When Mr Darcy and Elizabeth meet by chance, Darcy must account for how Bingley left Hertfordshire as he considers his deepening feelings for Elizabeth. Bingley is determined to renew his attentions to Jane, and an evening’s diversion of writing valentines leads to disastrous results for Darcy. Darcy doubts he has a reason to hope but, as she comes to know Darcy better, Elizabeth has to consider who is best suited to make her happy.


When Valentine’s Day arrives, who will Elizabeth want to receive a valentine from: the lively man she just met or the man whose proposal she already refused?
This is a 52,000 word kisses-only Pride and Prejudice variation

"The valentines they wrote were a perfect and fun way to portray both the Hunsford marriage proposal and its refusal and are definitely one of the highlights of this book.[...] I absolutely loved the story construction in Mr. Darcy’s Valentines which I believe demonstrated the authors talent to tell a story and immerse the reader in the pages of her books."

Rita Deodato From Pemberley to Milton

"Like cupid’s arrow, Mr. Darcy’s Valentine is a direct hit for those hopelessly devoted romantics who are eager to witness sweet expressions of love this Valentine season. A beautiful novella full blossoming regard and romantic interludes. I highly recommend!"

Austenesque Reviews

Hopeful Holiday Cover.jpg
Is the holiday season a perfect setting for a second chance at love?

After secretly arranging Lydia and Wickham’s marriage, Mr Darcy encouraged Bingley to return to Jane. While his friend is now happily married, Darcy regrets not having the courage to pursue Elizabeth in the autumn. As 1812 draws to a close, Darcy rallies his spirits to spend the Christmas holiday with Lady Catherine.

Elizabeth Bennet wanted to show Darcy that her feelings for him had changed, but he never returned to Hertfordshire and she fears Darcy could never tolerate being brother-in-law to Wickham. For a change of scene and with the hope of lifting her spirits, Elizabeth accepts an invitation to visit Charlotte Collins and her new baby at Christmas.

Lady Catherine’s New Year’s Eve masquerade ball is the social event of the season and, amid the festivities and mistletoe, both Darcy and Elizabeth hope for a reason to make their affections known. But will her ladyship’s interference, the sudden appearance of her scheming nephew, and Elizabeth and Darcy’s insecurities prevent them from finding happiness during the holiday season?

This is a 31,000 word novella.

"All in all, it was a light, entertaining, holiday romance pleaser that caught the spirit of the season and the magic of a second chance romance. Sweet holiday historical Austen fans settle in and click this one onto your reader."


Sophia Rose Austenprose

"A Hopeful Holiday is a wonderful Austenesque Christmas story and great Pride and Prejudice variation. I highly recommend it. I will definitely be reading more from Heather Moll!"

Laura Gerold, Laura's Reviews


A disastrous proposal. A fresh start. Can this tentative duo forgive the past and make each other promises of forever?

Elizabeth Bennet worries she’s been too hasty. Distressed after reading her rejected suitor’s passionate letter of self-defense, the agitated young woman agonizes that she’s put a scoundrel on a pedestal and scorned a worthy man. And when they meet again during an unexpected morning call, her heart pounds with a wave of relief when he quickly accepts her clever apology.

Fitzwilliam Darcy regrets his quick judgments. So after a shockingly cordial exchange renews his hopes, the gentleman strikes up a tentative friendship with the object of his affections. But though the woman he adores seems willing to grant him a second chance, he fears her kin’s reckless behavior could still smear his reputation.

Confused by her father’s disapproval of her prospective match, Elizabeth’s dreams turn to dismay when a corrupt soldier tempts her sister into a scandal. And as Darcy does his best to protect his beloved’s family, honor demands he put his life on the line.

In a duel of wits and weapons, will love prevail to save the day?

This is a second edition of His Choice of a Wife, a slightly steamy Regency romance.

"His Choice of a Wife is an exquisitely-composed Pride and Prejudice variation filled with passion, tender scenes of devotion, perseverance, and satisfying character developments. Definitely one I recommend checking out! Congratulations, Heather Moll, on a marvelous debut!"

Austenesque Reviews
How would spending a few extra days in each other’s company affect the relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy?

While her sister Jane is ill at Netherfield, Elizabeth overhears the proud Mr. Darcy express his admiration of her and her fine eyes. Not sure what to think of his praise after all of their previous disagreements (and more flattered than she wants to admit) Elizabeth responds by teasing him, forcing Darcy to reconsider his opinion of a woman who has truly bewitched him. 

The ensuing day and weeks see confrontations and apologies, and the beginnings of a friendship, between Darcy and Elizabeth. But their warming acquaintance impacts the behaviour of those around them inciting jealousy, anger and malicious falsehoods.

Is the strength of their emotional connexion enough to reunite them and put them back on the path to love?

"Tentative friendships, inventive twists, and reverent characterizations -Two More Days at Netherfield is another nuanced and well-crafted Pride and Prejudice variation from the pen of Heather Moll! If you love stories where the exchanges between Darcy and Elizabeth are playful and passionate, the stolen moments together are sincere and sweet, and the journey is enthralling and emotionally turbulent, I entreat you give this story a try!"

Austenesque Reviews
"Two More Days at Netherfield is well worth your time if you enjoy an unusual plotline, crackling dialogue, a bunch of angst, sizzling romance, and well-drawn characters."

Gentlemen are detained (1707 x 2650 px).jpg
"Will Elizabeth welcome the renewal of our acquaintance or will she draw back from me?"


This Pride and Prejudice short story imagines what could happen if Mrs. Bennet kept Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy to supper after an evening party at Longbourn. Following the gentlemen's return to Hertfordshire after Lydia's marriage, both Elizabeth and Darcy wonder if they have reason to hope.

Elizabeth is eager to hint to Darcy that her feelings for him have changed, but how can they have a private conversation at a crowded party? Will Darcy learn if Elizabeth can ever love him or will he leave Meryton and return to London brokenhearted?

This is a 12,000 word short story

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