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Excessively Diverted Press is the publishing imprint for author Heather Moll

"But, Lizzy, you look as if you did not enjoy it. You are not going to be missish, I hope, and pretend to be affronted at an idle report. For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?" 

   "Oh!" cried Elizabeth, "I am excessively diverted. But it is so strange!"

Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 57

Latest Release

Will an exchange of secret valentines lead to love?

After her aunt notices her partiality for Mr Wickham, Elizabeth Bennet is invited to town for the winter along with her sister Jane, and February in London gives Elizabeth the chance to become better acquainted with the Gardiners’ young and single friend.

When Mr Darcy and Elizabeth meet by chance, Darcy must account for how Bingley left Hertfordshire as he considers his deepening feelings for Elizabeth. Bingley is determined to renew his attentions to Jane, and an evening’s diversion of writing valentines leads to disastrous results for Darcy. Darcy doubts he has a reason to hope but, as she comes to know Darcy better, Elizabeth has to consider who is best suited to make her happy.

When Valentine’s Day arrives, who will Elizabeth want to receive a valentine from: the lively man she just met or the man whose proposal she already refused?
This is a 52,000 word Pride and Prejudice variation

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Regency woman in white gown playing the pianoforte and words The Gentlemen are Detained
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