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Excessively Diverted Press is the publishing imprint for author Heather Moll

"But, Lizzy, you look as if you did not enjoy it. You are not going to be missish, I hope, and pretend to be affronted at an idle report. For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?" 

   "Oh!" cried Elizabeth, "I am excessively diverted. But it is so strange!"

Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 57

Latest Release

An Appearance of Goodness

Can a Derbyshire meeting lead to love or will Pemberley be plunged into mystery?


In the rainy summer of 1812, Mr Darcy returns to Pemberley with a large party in the hope that coming home will help him recover from his disappointment. He lost Elizabeth Bennet’s good opinion, but Darcy did all he could to rectify his errors. Meanwhile, Elizabeth hopes that travelling with a newly-wed Jane and Bingley will raise her spirits and distract her from thoughts of Darcy.


When a misunderstanding causes the Bingley party and Darcy’s to spend a fortnight together at Pemberley, both Elizabeth and Darcy wonder if the other could love them. When the season’s wet and cold weather causes flooding throughout Derbyshire, Darcy’s attention reluctantly shifts from his guests–and Elizabeth–to managing the tragedy.


But when someone drowns and Darcy refuses to believe their death was an accident from the storm, he and Elizabeth must work together to uncover the truth before his houseguests leave, and before anyone else gets hurt.


Content note: mature content, mild violence.

"With romance, drama, and a murder mystery, there is something for everyone. Moll explores another side, a kinder side, to the closed-off Mr. Darcy so get ready to have your heart warmed! [...] Heather Moll has created a story that made me grin with glee, cringe with second-hand embarrassment and hold my breath in suspense. I can't ask more from a book. "

-Sadiyah Bhamjee for Readers' Favorite 5 Stars

Affectionate Heart cover.JPG
An Affectionate Heart

A From Pemberley to Milton Favorite Read of 2022

"The slowly built power of each scene and dialogue, along with the heartfelt moments lived by every character made this a memorable book!"

Austenesque Reviews Favorite Read 2022

Austenesque Reviews Reader’s Choice Winner 2022

"This story is exquisite in every way, but especially the depth of feeling and romance."

"An Affectionate Heart is an exquisite and heart-wrenching Pride and Prejudice variation filled with inventive deviations and emotional depth. Readers who love sensitive and stirring tales about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth will find much to adore and appreciate with this one! I most enthusiastically recommend!"

Meredith Esparza Austenesque Reviews 5 stars

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Regency woman in white gown playing the pianoforte and words The Gentlemen are Detained
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