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Book Review: A Grave Robbery

Veronica and Stoker discover that not all fairy tales have happy endings, and some end in murder, in this latest historical mystery from New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award–nominated author Deanna Raybourn.

The setup for A Grave Robbery is Stoker discovers a mannequin added to the Rosemorran collection is actually the preserved body of a young woman.

A Grave Robbery was a straightforward murder mystery with no relationship drama for our unconventional pair, aside from their entertaining typical sparring. Veronica is as independent as ever and Stoker a little less broody. The monkey adds nothing but the side characters sure do. Stoker’s brothers never disappoint (although I prefer Tiberius) and I wonder if JJ will get her own series. Surprise scene stealer is a young, awkward, inexperienced undertaker who I hope to see again.

This is best for readers who have another book or two under their belts. Sure, the mystery stands alone, it had me guessing, but you might not care about Veronica and Stoker and where their relationship is right now if you haven’t read some of the previous installments. It remains a favorite historical romance-mystery series for me.

Have you read any of the Veronica Speedwell books? Go back and read A Curious Beginning if you haven't tried one yet.

I received an arc from NetGalley

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