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Book Review: Never Blow a Kiss

In this first in a new series about a secret network of governesses who spy on the Victorian ton, a governess running away from her past falls for an ex-soldier turned railroad magnate who hunts killers for the police. 

Never Blow a Kiss by Lindsay Lovise, available January 24, 2024 by Forever.

Emily has a dark past, and when she is recruited by a secret network of governesses who spy on the ton, it may just be a way to redeem the dark secrets of her past. Straddling the worlds of the ton and the working class, as an ex-solider turned railroad magnate, Zach hunts killers for the Metropolitan Police by day and dutifully attends balls at night. Of course his affair with Emily intertwines with his hunt for a killer.

Emily is instantly likable, the dialogue is quick, and the sexual tension great. Zach and Emily are just wonderful together. The network of governess spies is well setup and hopefully The Dove gets her story in the end. Read this for the mystery as much as for the romance.

I was entertained even though the Evangelist killers was easy to spot. The lighthearted beginning gives way to a more serious and at times even darker story. Zach is a steadfast hero and Emily is confident, and this has none of the typical misunderstandings that can derail romance characters from acting sensibly. I’m hooked and ready for Frankie in book 2. 

I received an arc from NetGalley

What's a new release you have your eye on? Are you a fan of historical mystery/romance combos?

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