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Where am I and what do I do there?

Love it or hate it, social media is almost inescapable. We use it to find out a store’s latest sales, keep in touch with old friends, and just to be entertained. I like connecting with readers through their inbox---subscribe to my newsletter---but social media is a way to reach new readers and strengthen a personal connection with the ones I have. These platforms have millions of monthly active users and if writers want to reach their audience, they have to go where the readers are.

So where am I and what do I do there?

How many businesses have a Facebook page? It’s pretty much mandatory. I like to have both fun chats and spark meaningful conversations there. Every week I post a piece of Georgian jewelry and share a little about it. I usually pick something bold or unique or gorgeous, or sometimes even something I think is ugly! I vent about my latest WIP and I have a silly post to get to know readers and have them learn something about me. It might be about where you fall in birth order, or what was the last movie you saw in a theater, or who is the hardest person on your list to buy for.

You might wonder what pics could an author put on Instagram. My stressed-out face staring an an unfinished scene? My hand poised over a notebook? Sometimes I share pics of me or my baking adventures, but my feed is mostly humorous quotes from Jane Austen’s letters with a picture to tie it together. She was sharp and clever, and everyone needs to see that side of her. My stories are mostly Georgian jewelry and teapot pics. I love chatting with book bloggers, other writers, and readers who think Jane is relatable.

Twitter is where I share blog posts and jewelry pics, mostly trying to get people to play “paste or real” with me. I partipcate in #MondayBlogs where I talk about regency life, writing, or Jane Austen, and #GeorgianJewelry is on Thursdays. I retweet a lot of JASNA and Regency-related stuff and follow along with what’s happening in #Romancelandia. So far I haven't mixed up my author account with my JASNA chapter's account, but never say never.

My Pinterest board is mostly regency research organization. I keep the book-related boards hidden—no spoilers, sorry! My Goodreads shelves are filled with biographies, mysteries, and Regency era non-fiction. Not nearly as much JAFF or romance as you might think.

I love it when readers jump in and comment. And I'm grateful when they do! No one likes to feel like they’re talking into the void. Don’t be afraid to say hi, like, retweet, share. What social media posts do you enjoy interacting with? Is there a platform I need to be more engaged in?

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