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What's in the newsletter?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Why would you subscribe to an author's newsletter? What if your preferred social media account goes down for a day, or longer? Or what if your favorite author stops using that particular platform? What if algorithms just aren't in your favor and you miss a post about a sale or a giveaway?

That doesn't happen with an author email sent right to your inbox.

I know why I want you to subscribe: I want to keep you apprised of what I'm working on and build relationships with readers like you. But does the thought of something else landing your inbox make you cringe?

Let me share a few other reasons why you might want to subscribe to my monthly newsletter:

Excerpts, Epilogues, and Deleted Scenes

Ever wonder if there was anything cut from the final version of the book you liked? Some fun scene that maybe wasn't necessary but is still worth a read? What about an epilogue that filled in a little more detail about that HEA? Or a sneak peak at an opening chapter of my work in progress? I don't share these sorts of things on social media; they're only for newsletter subscribers.

Newsletter subscribes now automatically receive the unpublished epilogue to Nine Ladies.

Contests, Stories, and Giveaways

In past newsletters, subscribers had the chance to enter a contest to name a minor character in my next full-length Pride and Prejudice variation! I plan to run subscriber-only giveaways too for the full-length I have coming out next year. Would you like the chance to win my latest release and a few other goodies?

Last year, subscribers received my short story The Gentlemen are Detained before it went on sale. Maybe I'll make it free again and tell subscribers in an email ...

Sales and Release Dates

Your inbox is where I tell readers about any sales of previously released books, when new books go on presale, and release dates for those new HEAs. Social media posts get missed, but you won't miss an email with your name on it.

I've also done surveys to find out what type of JAFF readers like and where they read it, I talk a little about me and a lot about Jane Austen, and I share blog posts and other things I'm reading and working on.

I usually send out a newsletter the first Tuesday of every month and I'd love it if you welcomed me into your inbox. (Okay, sometimes summer months and November and December get combined, LBR.) I have fun contests, excerpts, and giveaways coming up and I'd love to stay connected.

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