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Book Review: The Duke's Rules of Engagement

The Duke's Rules of Engagement by Jennifer Haymore. September 27, 2022 by Entangled

In 1817, Joanna Porter is an outspoken and lively spinster and an up-and-coming matchmaker. Matching Matthew Leighton, the insufferable Duke of Crestmont, would cement Jo’s status. He has a tarnished reputation and a broken heart and can’t believe he’s in the situation of needing a matchmaker to find an appropriate duchess—and he’s certainly not interested in finding love.

Matthew wants to order a suitable bride and have it wrapped and delivered to his doorstep. Joanna doesn’t believe in love for herself, but she takes joy in finding it for other people. He’s not used to anyone standing up to him and she has a professional reputation to maintain. Jo is not about to let anyone, not even a duke, walk over her.

This is my catnip.

Matthew is so rigid he might as well be a wooden plank. He certainly doesn’t want a meaningful connection with his future wife. He is not at all attracted by Jo’s impertinence.

Can you die from too much catnip?

Jo knows the value of both money and family. She might actually need more in her life than work and friends. And she likes being challenged. And actually finds this duke interesting when he relaxes enough to talk. He’s stern but gradually relaxes enough to really confide in her! Too bad she has to match him with someone else so that entire family can afford to marry. Too bad he wouldn’t want a penniless, title-less spinster.

Dead from catnip overdose.

Jo took way too long to come around given how much she liked him and Mathew was hardly any better in finally considering Jo, and the third act misunderstanding was stupid. Did I still want to finish? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. Each has a supporting cast of friends or family, and those characters’ and plot lines are well done, but I’m here for Matthew and Jo to get over themselves and get together.

I received an arc from NetGalley

Do you have certain tropes that you just love? Ones you never read? Certain personality types you love to see?

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