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Book Review: Pride and Protest

Pride and Protest by Nikki Payne. Berkley. November 15, 2022

Need something to read? What about Pride and Prejudice with diverse characters set in DC with banter and steam? Outspoken Black DJ Liza B. goes head to head with Filipino CEO of a property developer Dorsey Fitzgerald who's taking over her neighborhood in this Pride and Prejudice retelling.

I particularly enjoyed how the Wickham and Lydia dynamic was dealt with in 2022 and Colin’s proposal might be the worst I’ve ever read. There’s even a boiled potatoes reference. IFKYK

Family dynamics, generational trauma, gender, race, and class are all beautifully woven into a recognizable P&P story. It looks at what’s on the surface versus deeper truths, and social media versus reality. And it is filled with delicious tension between Liza B. and Dorsey. This is a must read!

What do you think about modern Jane Austen retellings and variations? If you typically stick with regencies, you should give this one a try.

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