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Book Review: Murder in Postscript

Murder in Postscript (Lady of Letters #1) by Mary Winters. March 28, 2023 by Berkley

When one of her readers asks for advice following a suspected murder, Victorian countess Amelia Amesbury, who secretly pens the popular Lady Agony column, has no choice but to investigate in this first book in a charming new historical mystery series.

This cosy historical mystery is my new favorite series! I'm so glad to find a series to get excited about, although now I have to wait forever for another book.

Amelia is a likable, clever, and assertive young widowed countess in 1860 who secretly answers an advice column. When one of her advice seekes begs for help and ends up murdered, she and her late husband's protective friend Lord Bainbridge are determined to solve the crime.

Nice spark of romance, great supporting cast, and good pacing and Amelia's backstory is fascinating. I'm eager for more books with Amelia and Simon.

Do you enjoy historical mysteries? I like them a lot, especially if there's a slow burn romance element!

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