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Jane Austen gifts

How many of you have a "special interest"? A hobby, a collection, a sport, a "thing" that you're really in to?

It's no surprise that Jane Austen and Georgian England are my "thing". At any gift-giving occasion I'm sure to get something related, and I love it! In the past I've received things like Pride and Prejudice whisky glasses, a book on Georgian jewelry, and a wood carving that looks like a copy of Pride and Prejudice but with a secret compartment. No, I won't tell you how to open it.

This is what I received recently:

Books! Even as a kid, I loved getting books for Christmas. I've borrowed a few of these from the library for reference, but I'm happy to have my own copy. Get ready for future blog posts about adventures in Regency-era cooking.

"Santa" brought these next two, an infinity scarf and cute socks. "Santa" was excited to tell me he discovered a category on Amazon called "Jane Austen Gifts" and now he is set for life. Eventually, it will get warm enough where I live so I can wear a decorative scarf and not a heavy one that I must wear in order to survive outside.

Lastly, I got a gift set from Northanger Soapworks. You should try their products; they're gorgeous and top quality. I received a bar of soap, lip balm, and this pretty candle.

What is your go-to "thing" that everyone knows you for? Did you give your receive something awesome this year?

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30 janv. 2021

Although I am "into" Jane Austen I now have so many books and other things that I am at the point of wanting to find someone close by to pass things along to. I was in the past doing a lot of needlework, i.e., birth samplers, Christmas stockings, etc. and other crafts (Polish Star ornaments). Now it is games online, reading, writing reviews and doing daily exercises.

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