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Holiday Novella On Pre-Sale Now

I have a brand new Pride and Prejudice novella ebook! It's called A Hopeful Holiday and it imagines a resolution for Darcy and Elizabeth that doesn't take place in the autumn in Hertfordshire, but instead in Hunsford over Christmas and New Year's Eve.

To see the gorgeous cover, solve the puzzle below. Share your time in the comments and let me know what you think!

After secretly arranging Lydia and Wickham’s marriage, Mr Darcy encourages Bingley to return to Jane. While his friend is now happily married, Darcy regrets not having the courage to pursue Elizabeth in the autumn. As 1812 draws to a close, Darcy rallies his spirits to spend the Christmas holiday with Lady Catherine.​​

Elizabeth Bennet wanted show Darcy that her feelings for him had changed, but he never returned to Hertfordshire and she fears Darcy could not tolerate being brother-in-law to Wickham. For a change of scene and with the hope of lifting her spirits, Elizabeth accepts an invitation to visit Charlotte and her new baby at Christmas. Lady Catherine’s annual New Year's Eve masquerade ball is the social event of the holiday season and, amid the festivities and mistletoe, both Darcy and Elizabeth hope for the courage to make their affections known. But will her ladyship’s interference, the sudden appearance of her scheming nephew, and Elizabeth and Darcy’s insecurities prevent them from finding happiness during the holiday season?​

A Hopeful Holiday is on presale now and will be delivered to your device on November 1 2021.

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