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Free ways to support your favorite indie author

I love the creative control of being a self-published author. The higher royalty rates aren't bad either and I'm in charge of my own release schedule. That said, self-published authors are typically running the show entirely on their own. There is no marketing team or publicist behind them to help hype up a book and get the word out about a new release.

That means for each new release, an indie author like me is responsible for hiring an editor and a proofreader; hiring a cover designer; registering the book with the Library of Congress and getting an ISBN set up; promoting preorders; contacting book reviewers and bloggers.

Basically, managing every aspect of the creation and marketing process.

There's no built in support system, so that's where readers come in. There are ways you can help your favorite indie author, and they don't cost you anything but some time.

(But also, ngl, authors also love it if you buy their books or ask your library to buy them. But this is about free ways to give your favorite indie author a boost and make it so they can put out the next book you want to read.)

How to Support Authors for Free
  • Leave a review

Reviews are vital a book's success and most consumers check reviews before they purchase anything. If a book has zero or a few reviews, it's a red flag. Your review is the social proof that this book is worth reading. Reviews help new readers find our books and convinces them to give it a try. Reviewing on Amazon as well as Goodreads and BookBub is always aprpeciated by authors.

"But Heather, I never know what to say!" It's easier than you think. First, no spoilers. Second, think about how the book made you feel. It's not a book report. A line or two about what you liked does wonders.

  • Engage with their social media

Did you know that when you like or share a post, you're expanding that author's reach?Following an author on social media not only keeps you in the loop, but interacting with them also helps their posts reach more people. Engagement impacts the algorithm. Sharing or retweeting puts their posts in front of more eyes more effectively, but liking and commenting helps, too.

I'm most active on FB and IG if you want to follow @HeatherMollAuthor and join me there.

  • Recommend their books

Keep those indie books visible! Take a shelfie. Tell people what you're reading and why you love it. Post a pic of the book on social media. Add a book to your TBR on Goodreads. Tell your friend they have to read the book you just finished. Reader recommendations are huge! We all turn to people whose opinion we value when it comes to if a book is worth reading. Just like with reviews, it's that social proof that a book is worth their time.

Posting about an author's book on your social media is one of the best types of word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Subscribe to their newsletter

Some might wonder why newsletters matter with social media, but social media uses algorithms that affect what audience members see the content. You're not seeing every post. And what happens when a FB group implodes or everyone abandons a particular outlet? With a newsletter, you can get ALL the author news in your inbox and you're not missing out. Plus, they have goodies just for subscribers, and subscribers typically get first looks at all the new stuff.

If you subscribe, open that email, click on a link, add the address to your contacts, and move it out of your promotions or spam folder. All of those things increase that newsletter's deliverability and helps your favorite author out.

Join mine here and get a short story when you do!

So that's your to-do list to help out: Leave reviews on Amazon, engage with their social media, recommend their books, subscribe to their newsletter. Four free things you can do that make a HUGE difference in the world of your favorite indie author.

Indie authors committed to their craft publish books that are as well-written, edited, and formatted as trad published books. They just rely on their loyal readers a little more. Most authors work a day job, care for family, and also build a social media platform, oh and actually write some books. There's a lot on their plate. Self-published authors are responsible for creating and marketing a book, and your support helps get those books in front of more eyes.

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Christa Buchan
Christa Buchan

I believe that I gravitate more to Indie writers than those traditionally published, but I do have my favourites in traditional as well. I know when a certain author writes a book, I will enjoy reading that book probably more than once, some I have read countless times and each time, I find something new. I wish that I could afford to buy each one, but then where would I put them? I do not have a Pemberley library available to me, but I do have a Kindle and two Kobo readers. As I approach 3/4 of a century of age, I am at the point where I am thinking about every purchase; where is it going after …

Heather Moll
Heather Moll

I don’t own many books either. I just don’t have the space for all the paperbacks I read, so borrows and ebooks are the way to go. I hope your variations find a good home!

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