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Book Review: Business Not As Usual


A woman learns the hard way about mixing business with pleasure in this hilarious new romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Sharon C. Cooper.

Berkeley Available April 5, 2022

Age difference, wealthy/not wealthy, workplace, grumpy/sunshine.


Dreamy Daniels relies on her positive attitude and vision for her future to get through her unfulfilling job as she struggles to finish her bachelors. Part of her plan is to win the lottery, which she plays with her ailing grandfather. She’s quirky and bubbly but struggles with self-doubt. She’s clever and driven and relatable, the sort of person you want to be friends with.

Karter Redford is a venture capitalist who comes from money and focuses too much on work. After his friend’s death at 40, he decides to make some changes. The two meet when Karter comes to invest in the tech company Dreamy works for and there’s an instant attraction. Karter’s interest in Dreamy had a strong “not like other girls” vibe, but I don’t mind this in the attraction phase. He quickly begins to appreciate Dreamy for her own sake without comparing her to his failed relationships.

Dreamy and Karter's characters are great, but the romantic comedy element fell flat for me. Some of their early interactions that were supposed to be cute made me cringe. I felt second-hand embarrassment or was rolling my eyes, but other readers might laugh.

This is such a feel-good love story, but I struggled with the ending. I wanted to see more character growth. Instead, things happened to them that made them change. They didn’t come to those decisions on their own. I wanted Dreamy and Karter to reach all of her goals and be happy, but key aspects of the ending, especially Dreamy's, were unbelievable for me. They were such likable characters, though; you have to cheer for them.

I received an arc from NetGalley

I typically read historicals. What's a contemporary novel you've enjoyed recently?

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