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Book Review: Better Than Fiction

Better Than Fiction by Alexa Martin November 8th 2022 by Berkley Books

Book Review:

Book hater Drew Young inherited her grandma’s bookstore and author Jasper Williams is a hopeless romantic. He curates a book bucket list in exchange for her help exploring the local Denver scene for his current manuscript.

Jasper’s only personality trait is kindness, and everyone constantly mentions how hot he is. Hearing about his hotness got old fast. He’s nice but one dimensional, especially compared to all of Drew’s layers.

She’s very funny, but there’s a darkness and heaviness to Drew. She’s petty. There’s a lifetime of father and abandonment issues plus her grief to sort through. She’s lost her only stable parental figure and her photography career. I went in expecting a romance, but I feel like Drew facing her trauma was the real focus of this book.

And I wish we knew what books Jasper picked! We got to hear all about the places in Colorado they visited, but I would have liked to have known at least some of the books she read. I know that's not the center of this book, but I wanted to know at least one of them.

When you read a book that mentions other books or characters reading, do you want to know what they are? Am I the only one?

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